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NorthStar Balanced Growth Portfolio


Investment Objective

The NorthStar Balanced Growth Portfolio is suitable for investors who are seeking a balance between capital growth and security. The portfolio is constructed using a broad range of assets including equities, fixed interest, property and cash. This diversification will help investors to be somewhat insulated from the worst short-term market fluctuations. Equity content will usually be around 65% meaning the downside risk of the portfolio may be higher than a number of alternative portfolios in the NorthStar range.

Due to the nature of underlying holdings, investment in this portfolio should be seen as a long-term strategy. Risk aspects include inflation risk, capital risk, shortfall risk, and exchange rate risk. The portfolio targets capital growth in excess of 5-6% per annum over a rolling 5-year period and is benchmarked against the IA Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares sector average. Values may fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the amount originally invested.

Key Information

Portfolio Type:Capital growth

Inception Date:01.01.15

Current Holdings:31 

FE Risk Score:65 

Current Yield:2.75%

Targeted Average Annual Return¹:5-6%

Passive/Active Split:71/29 

Indicative Risk Level:6/10

Benchmark¹:IA Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares

Asset Allocation

Current asset allocation of the NorthStar Balanced Growth Portfolio:

    Portfolio Charges

    At NorthStar, we’re committed to providing clear and simple charges for our investment portfolios. We believe in total transparency so you’ll always know what you will pay. The charges for the NorthStar Balanced Growth Portfolio are:

    Weighted Annual Fund Charge:0.37%

    Annual Platform Charge²:0.40%

    Annual NorthStar Charge:0.80%



    Total Annual Charge:1.57%

    Constituent Funds

    UK Equity 25%

    Vanguard UK Equity Income Index 8%
    HSBC FTSE 100 Index 6%
    HSBC FTSE 250 Index 4%
    Vanguard UK All-Share Index 3%
    AXA Framlington UK Smaller Companies 2%
    Marlborough UK Micro Cap Growth 2%

    Europe Equity 5%

    Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe ex-UK Equity Index 4%
    Baring Europe Select 1%

    North America Equity 6%

    Fidelity US Index 5%
    Threadneedle American Smaller Companies 1%

    Japan Equity 3%

    Vanguard Japan Stock Index 3%

    Asia (ex. Japan) Equity 7%

    Vanguard Pacific ex-Japan Stock Index 7%

    Emerging Market Equity 12%

    Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index 9%
    Schroder Small Cap Discovery 3%

    Property 4%

    iShares Global Property Securities Equity Index 2%
    Janus Henderson UK Property 2% 

    UK Fixed Income 10%

    Artemis High Income 4%
    iShares Corporate Bond Index 4%
    Vanguard UK Government Bond Index 1%
    Vanguard UK Short-Term Investment Grade Bond Index 1%

    Global Fixed Income 7%

    Templeton Global Total Return Bond 3%
    Vanguard Global Bond Index 3%
    Vanguard Global Short-Term Bond Index 1%

    Specialist & Global Equity 12%

    Vanguard Global Small-Cap Index 3%
    Artemis Global Income 2%
    AXA Framlington Global Technology 2%
    Legal & General Global Health & Pharmaceutical Index 2%
    Sarasin Food & Agriculture Opportunities 2%
    First State Global Listed Infrastructure 1%

    Alternative Strategies 4%

    Threadneedle Dynamic Real Return 4%

    Cash 5%

    Royal London Short Term Money Market 5%

    Portfolio Performance

    Portfolio performance to August 2019

    Portfolio Documents

    NorthStar Balanced Growth Portfolio Factsheet

    Last Updated: August 2019
    Format: PDF
    Pages: 2

    NorthStar Balanced Growth Portfolio Key Information Document Pack

    Last Updated: August 2019
    Format: PDF
    Pages: 63
    The NorthStar Balanced Growth Portfolio Factsheet provides full information on the NorthStar Balanced Growth Portfolio as well as up-to-date portfolio commentary.
    The NorthStar Balanced Growth Portfolio Key Investor Information Document (KIID) Pack provides full information and regulatory details of all funds held within the NorthStar Balanced Growth Portfolio.

    The NorthStar Portfolio Range

    Learn more about the complete range of NorthStar portfolios.

    1. Over a rolling 5-year period. Targeted average annual return is based on the average long-term returns of applicable asset classes and is in no way guaranteed.
    2. Typical annual platform charges will not exceed 0.4%. This will depend on the platform used and amount invested.
    FE Risk Score is a measure of volatility relative to the FTSE 100 index, which always has a score of 100. Investments more volatile than the FTSE 100 have a score above 100 and vice versa giving a reliable indication of relative risk. Cash has a risk score of zero. Performance data shown are on a bid-to-bid basis, with income reinvested and do not take into account platform or advisory charges. Figures may include performance data for discounted ‘super clean’ funds where these are available. Such funds may not be available on all platforms. All performance data are rounded to the nearest 0.1% so small rounding errors may occur. Data correct as at 01.08.19. Source: FE. The value of investments and the income from them can fluctuate and investors may not get back the full amount invested. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. The tax treatment of investments depends on individual circumstances and is subject to changes in tax legislation. Figures are provided for illustrative purposes only and their accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Information provided should not be relied upon in isolation when making investment decisions and does not constitute advice or an offer to purchase any investment or product. Please contact us for more information on our range of portfolios.

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