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Financial Fitness Test

A 10-minute test to help you discover how well you understand your own finances.

About the Financial Fitness Test

We have devised this unique Financial Fitness Test to help you uncover how well you really understand your own finances and to see what kind of financial shape you’re in. It’s a great place to start when thinking about how you can make the most of your money in the future by understanding where you stand today.

It is important that you answer each question as honestly as possible and select the answer that best represents how you feel on each particular topic. Remember that the results are for your own benefit only.

The test consists of 24 simple multiple choice questions and should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

The test is completely free and you won’t have to enter any personal details to get your Financial Fitness grade if you don’t want to.

Once complete, you will receive your unique Financial Fitness grade and see how you rank in relation to your peers. You will also see some hints and tips on how you can improve your grade and really get in control of your finances.

Got it?  Get started below. 

Financial Fitness Test

Q1: Investment performance
Q2: Investment charges
Q3: Investment risk
Q4: Investment monitoring
Q5: Inheritance tax
Q6: Pension value
Q7: Pension performance
Q8: Pension charges
Q9: Emergency fund
Q10: Tax-efficient investments
Q11: Life cover
Q12: Income protection
Q13: Critical illness
Q14: Long-term care
Q15: Wills
Q16: Debts
Q17: Regular reviews & monitoring
Q18: Consolidated investments view
Q19: Financial control
Q20: Financial goals
Q21: Making time for your finances
Q22: Enjoying managing your money
Q23: Financial organisation
Q24: Money and lifestyle



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