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13 Financial Horrors to Avoid This Halloween

They can suck you dry and haunt you for years. No, it’s not the supernatural, but 13 very real financial horrors that could end up costing you cash. You don’t need a clove of garlic or silver bullet to avoid them though. Just following some simple ti..

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6 Ways That Advisers Beat Robots

So you’ve heard about ‘robo-advice’ –  you’re just not sure what it means. Could online apps really deliver a service comparable to financial advice? Here are some reasons to be sceptical. Isn’t modern technology fab? You can chat to far-flung friends…

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Use the Force: What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Money

With the first Star Wars movie released 40 years ago, we wanted to share four lessons about money we can all learn from Luke, Leia, Han and co. 1. A drink can cost you an arm (though not a leg). In Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi (a Jedi) takes Luke to a ba…

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Sitting Pretty – Why Your Baby Needs a Pension

Welcome to the world of extreme financial planning. If you can’t imagine starting a pension pot for a baby, you’re not alone. But thanks to their ultra-forward thinking parents, some toddlers might be growing up on a gold mine. Picture the scene at p…

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Are We More Loyal to Our Banks Than Our Spouses?

Is it true that we’re more likely to dump our partners than we are to change our bank accounts? Although most of us would nod at the adage “a change is as good as a rest”, it’s unlikely that we truly believe it, at least when it comes to our bank accou…

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KnowlEDGE Digital Magazine – Autumn 2017

We’ve just published our exclusive quarterly digital magazine for Autumn 2017. You can read and download your copy for free. As summer slowly fades into Autumn it’s time for another edition of KnowlEDGE magazine. In this issue we look at ways to prot…

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Six Ways Your Gender Shapes Your Attitude to Money

Is there a gulf between men and women in how they manage their finances? Research suggests there might be. See if you can escape your gender stereotype. Is a pound in a purse the same as one in a wallet? We’ve been looking at research into the at resear…

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How to Avoid Your Pension Becoming Shipwrecked

Ready to set sail for pension freedom? Then watch out for those rocks. There are more ways than ever to get the kind of retirement you dream of – but for a whole generation these are uncharted waters. Here are seven reasons why you may need an expert…

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NorthStar’s Latest Investment Results Are In

One of the key services we provide our clients is investment management. As well as helping our clients protect the wealth they have already accumulated, it’s also crucial to help them grow their wealth over time. nWe have developed a unique investme…

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Six Ways to Light up Your Investments This Summer

Whether it’s a barbecue summer or not, here are some tips for fanning the flames of your portfolio – without getting your fingers burned. Over to Sally, our al fresco investor: Hi! Lovely to see you, come on in. Ooh, you made couscous salad! Just pop…

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Cash vs Shares – Which Would You Put Money On?

The run-up to the EU referendum saw investment fund managers shovelling assets from equities (stocks & shares) into cash, over fears that a Brexit would cause another financial meltdown and send stock markets into freefall. Investment portfolios had…

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A Glowing Tan Without Financial Burn

Fees and hidden costs for using credit and debit cards abroad are increasing. Make sure you don’t return home to some blistering bills. Having survived the winter and made it through the spring, the sun has finally got its hat on! Summer is here and…

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Get a Taste of Healthy Investing

Just as an athlete needs a balanced diet to achieve peak fitness, you need balance in your investments. Here’s a quick digest of the different financial food groups, along with tips for combining them into your ideal money-building diet. Healthy livi…

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Six Steps to Paying Less Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax (IHT) was traditionally regarded as a tax only for the very wealthy. However, with a threshold of £325,000 (£650,000 for married couples and civil partners) that will remain frozen until 2021, and the price of houses still relatively…

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Hope I Save Before I Get Old…

Financial advice might be the new rock’n’roll. Younger adults are smashing up the stereotype by being more financially astute and forward thinking than their elders. Could this be a fightback from Generation Austerity? They say that age brings wisdom…

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KnowlEDGE Digital Magazine – Summer 2017

We’ve just published our exclusive quarterly digital magazine for Summer 2017. You can read and download your copy for free. With the British summertime upon us, it really is a very warm welcome to this edition of KnowlEDGE Magazine. In this issue we…

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Solve Your Mortgage Maze

We’re well into ‘mortgage season’ – the peak time of year for buying a property with fierce competition for the best houses. Whether you’re racing to secure your dream home, or simply struggling with a mortgage-related puzzle, it pays to keep these t…

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Annuities vs Drawdown – the Big Fight!

In the blue corner, the long-reigning champion of retirement planning: the annuity! In the red corner, the challenger for the pension freedom crown: drawdown! But which is better? There’s only one way to find out. Some people enjoy a flutter now and…

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Will the Lifetime ISA Help You Buy Your First Home?

There’s a new ISA in town: the Lifetime ISA (or LISA). Designed to help both first-time buyers and people saving for retirement, it’s certainly an ambitious idea – but does it deliver, and what are the drawbacks? Let’s take a look at this ISA’s finer…

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The Ten Most Important Money Lessons to Teach Your Kids

As parents, the most important things we can do are to keep our kids safe and educate them. Among the many things kids have to learn, few are more important than money. Whether we like it or not, money plays a pivotal and central role in all our live…

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Your Keys to the Best Mortgage Deal

    Some mortgages seem to give with one hand, while taking away with the other. Here’s how to get past all the sleight-of-hand and find out which is really the best mortgage deal for you. Mortgages are confusing. Some are very confusing....

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Government Launches New £1,500 Tax-Free Pension Allowance

First talked about in the Autumn Statement last year, this April sees the introduction of a brand new tax break from the government. The ‘Pension Advice Allowance’ is the government’s way of trying to get more people taking financial advice on their…

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Look After Your Nest Egg This Easter

The problem with chocolate eggs is that they never last long. So with springtime bringing the new tax year, there’s no better time to hatch some long-term plans for making your savings grow. Here’s a little-known fact: the UK is unique among the majo…

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Nine Signs You Need a Financial MOT

What’s that rattling sound? Every driver knows the feeling. But in this case, it’s your money rattling around in forgotten corners, losing value. Maybe it’s time for your financial MOT. If something is important, you give it regular maintenance. So, j…

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What Would You Do If You Could See the Future?

If any of us could reliably and definitively predict the future, they would have little need for the services of a financial planner; probably having won the lottery many times over and be as financially secure as anyone could be. Of course, it’s imp…

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Why Now Just Might Be the Time to Re-Mortgage

Don’t think of your mortgage as a one-off purchase, but as an ongoing process that may need careful maintenance. Many homebuyers need to re-mortgage regularly in order to keep their loan affordable – do you? A client of ours is a mechanic with the RA…

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