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Dear Santa, for My Retirement I’d Like…

The little ones have Father Christmas. What do we have? We make lists of what we’d like to do when we retire – but the only person who’ll deliver those gifts is us. Better start your tax wrapping now. Being retired is a bit like being a kid again – y

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KnowlEDGE Digital Magazine – Winter 2018

We’ve just published our exclusive quarterly digital magazine for Winter 2018. You can read and download your copy for free. As we move into winter, we take a look at a number of important stories in this issue of KnowlEDGE magazine. Our cover story…

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What This Lottery Winner Can Teach You About Your Pension

A teenager wins a fortune with her first ever lottery scratch card, and must make a life-changing choice. But anyone saving up a pension pot may face a similarly big decision. What would YOU do? If someone offered you a million pounds now, or a thous…

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5 Ways to Talk to Your Children About Money

We know that talking about money isn’t always easy, it can be daunting, particularly if you don’t like speaking about it. However, by getting your children used to talking about money early, you can help them avoid financial issues in the future. Whe…

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Will We Ever See a Pensions Dashboard?

For some time now the government has been promising an online ‘pensions dashboard’ that will let savers view and manage all their pension arrangements in one place. Meanwhile, private pension providers are competing to deliver a similar service to co…

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How Much Do I Need to Save to Retire at 55?

There’s no longer such a thing as ‘retirement age’ – you’re simply free to access most pensions from the age of 55. But what if you actually did want to retire at 55? We take a look at what you’d need to make that dream a reality. There’s an old joke…

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10 Key Takeaways from the Budget 2018

Yesterday saw the Chancellor, Philip Hammond deliver the Budget for 2018. This was the first time since 1962 that the Budget had taken place on a Monday and also the last before we expect to leave the EU in March next year. In this article, we cut th…

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Beware the ‘Vampire Economy’ and Other Financial Frights

Did you know we’re spending more money than ever in the dead of night, boosting what’s been dubbed the ‘vampire economy’? One in three Brits in a survey by Barclaycard reckoned they spend more money shopping online at night than they did five years a…

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Why Advice Is Always Time Well Spent

If time were a currency, it would fluctuate more than the pound after the Brexit vote. Getting the most value from your time is all down to how you spend it – and invest it. If you’re curious as to why people seek professional advice, then you need to u…

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Ready to Give Yourself a Financial Workout?

September is the new January, with people flocking back to the gym, hoping to get back in shape after overindulging on their holidays. But while the gym bunnies fight over the fitness machines, why not put your finances through their paces from the…

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KnowlEDGE Digital Magazine – Autumn 2018

We’ve just published our exclusive quarterly digital magazine for Autumn 2018. You can read and download your copy for free. In this issue our cover story is about building a ‘team’ of financial products that will help you achieve your financial goal…

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Check out the Latest NorthStar Investment Results

One of the key services we provide our clients is investment management. As well as helping our clients protect the wealth they have already accumulated, it’s also crucial to help them grow their wealth over time. We have developed a unique investmen…

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Who Gets More Pocket Money – Girls or Boys?

For the first time in a decade, girls are now getting more pocket money than boys. According to the Halifax Pocket Money report, girls average £7.09 per week whilst boys get 18p less at £6.91. The overall amount that kids are now getting has also dro…

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Pensions: Are You on Shaky Ground?

Pensions have always been complicated, but these days there is much more information to get your head around. Because of the radical changes in 2015, much of what you have previously assumed may turn out not to be true after all. How many of these pe…

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Beyond Uni: A Saver’s Guide

You’ll learn much more at university than your chosen subject – it’s also the place where many of us learn to be financially independent. From cashback to mystery shopping, here are our favourite tips from the university of life…University is a valua…

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You and Your Partner’s Life Changing Money Secrets

You might think you know all about your partner – what their favourite food is, who their friends are, what social media accounts they can’t tear themselves away from…but do you know who their bank is, or who their pension is with? More than one in f…

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Would You Survive If You Lost Your Income?

It is a sad fact that while most of us are quite happy to insure our car, our house, our travel arrangements – even our mobile phones – to their full value, few of us take quite as much care over our own health and that of our loved ones. According t…

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The Dangers of Pension Release

More than £17 billion has been withdrawn legitimately from pensions in the form of cash lump-sums and annuities since the new freedoms were introduced in 2015. But the new freedoms have brought new dangers. Some companies are now specifically targeti…

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6 Amazing Money-Spinners That Worked

(…and one that didn’t). If you ever come across a get-rich-quick scheme, be very suspicious – but once in a blue moon, someone comes up with a cunning plan that really does pay off. Here we salute those brave, ingenious and sometimes just lucky jackp…

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How to Handle an Inheritance

If you’ve been named as a beneficiary in a will, you’ll have plenty to look forward to – and lots to think about. When will you inherit? How much will it be? Will there be any tax to pay? And how can you make best use of your inheritance. Both your s…

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The Top 10 Reasons to Use a Financial Planner

Many people think that financial advice is required only by the very rich. However, everyone can benefit from it. Not only can it help you protect and build your assets, it can also assist you in making the most of your investments and securing the l…

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The Perils of a Pension Spending Spree

Research for Channel 4’s Dispatches suggests that the government has seriously underestimated how people will use their new pension freedoms. Big dangers face an ageing population that may have lots of ready cash, but less awareness of where to find…

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Could You Live Without Cash?

With the news this week that debit card payments have overtaken cash use for the first time and one in three Brits thinking we’ll be a cashless society in 20 years, we look at the alternatives available now if you want to dump the coins and notes in …

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KnowlEDGE Digital Magazine – Summer 2018

We’ve just published our exclusive quarterly digital magazine for Summer 2018. You can read and download your copy for free. Summer is here. The sun is shining and things are really hotting up so it’s a very warm welcome to this issue of KnowlEDGE Ma…

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Stop Leaving Shoes on the Stairs! (Plan Your Pension)

We can spoil our retirement years by the slip-ups we make today. These pension planning errors prove that forgetfulness is a young person’s problem, too. We know about the really huge pension mistakes: not starting one, or starting one too late. Thes…

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Don’t Risk Your Financial Future by Keeping Quiet

What is your least favourite thing to discuss with your partner? Money is probably high up there, but you could be risking your financial future and plans for a comfortable retirement if you don’t talk to your partner about your finances. One in five…

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