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How to Handle an Inheritance

If you’ve been named as a beneficiary in a will, you’ll have plenty to look forward to – and lots to think about. When will you inherit? How much will it be? Will there be any tax to pay? And how can you make best use of your inheritance. Both your s…

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The Top 10 Reasons to Use a Financial Planner

Many people think that financial advice is required only by the very rich. However, everyone can benefit from it. Not only can it help you protect and build your assets, it can also assist you in making the most of your investments and securing the l…

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The Perils of a Pension Spending Spree

Research for Channel 4’s Dispatches suggests that the government has seriously underestimated how people will use their new pension freedoms. Big dangers face an ageing population that may have lots of ready cash, but less awareness of where to find…

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Could You Live Without Cash?

With the news this week that debit card payments have overtaken cash use for the first time and one in three Brits thinking we’ll be a cashless society in 20 years, we look at the alternatives available now if you want to dump the coins and notes in …

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KnowlEDGE Digital Magazine – Summer 2018

We’ve just published our exclusive quarterly digital magazine for Summer 2018. You can read and download your copy for free. Summer is here. The sun is shining and things are really hotting up so it’s a very warm welcome to this issue of KnowlEDGE Ma…

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Stop Leaving Shoes on the Stairs! (Plan Your Pension)

We can spoil our retirement years by the slip-ups we make today. These pension planning errors prove that forgetfulness is a young person’s problem, too. We know about the really huge pension mistakes: not starting one, or starting one too late. Thes…

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Don’t Risk Your Financial Future by Keeping Quiet

What is your least favourite thing to discuss with your partner? Money is probably high up there, but you could be risking your financial future and plans for a comfortable retirement if you don’t talk to your partner about your finances. One in five…

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The Quick Later-Life Checklist

What’s better than growing old gracefully? Staying comfortable and solvent as you do so. There’s an art to getting the later years spot-on, but with our quick list of things to remember you’ll have time to draw breath while you’re drawing your pensio…

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Do You Know the Most Common Ways You Waste Money?

No matter how savvy you think you are, there’s a good chance you waste little sums of money here and there – and they could be adding up to £360 a year. We’ve some simple rules to help you claw some of that money back. A new survey suggests one in f…

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One Moment to Change Your Finances

One little decision can transform your life forever, whether it’s choosing to start a family, or buying an annuity to give you an income in retirement. Here at NorthStar we think a lot about the ‘advice moments’ – the times when people are most likel…

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8 Questions About Workplace Pensions Answered

Millions of employees have started enjoying the benefits of workplace pensions since automatic enrolment was introduced six years ago in 2012. These findings from The Pensions Regulator come as thousands of smaller employers are finalising the enrolm…

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Revealed – The Cost of Being Loyal

We all know that you can save money by switching your services, but even so many prefer to stick with their existing company. Yet new research has found the cost of staying loyal to be almost £1,000 a year. That’s a huge amount of cash which most of…

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How to Steer Your Pension Back on Course

From the age of 55 you now have full control of your pension. But has anyone told you how to drive it? Taking wrong turnings now could limit your options later on – so make sure you arrive safely in your chosen retirement by taking our quick pension …

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A Third of Young Adults Are “Money Dreamers”

Having a money goal is a great indicator of a young adult’s skill with money – but not having a plan can mean many fail to achieve their hopes. That’s the big difference between “Money Planners” and “Money Dreamers”, as found in new research from the…

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Your Pension – Don’t Kill the Goose!

A decision on your pension can take only a moment, but you might have three decades to regret it. New market figures suggest that many people just aren’t giving this process the necessary attention, and could be damaging their retirement prospects. Y…

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Can You Solve the Riddle of the Fishing Rods?

Three fishermen, three rods, three price tags, but only one answer. Go on, take the bait. *Ding*. The bell rings above the door of Hartley’s Fly Fishing Supplies. Three men enter, all equally determined to win this year’s Lower Kimbleton angling tour…

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KnowlEDGE Digital Magazine – Spring 2018

We’ve just published our exclusive quarterly digital magazine for Spring 2018. You can read and download your copy for free. After a very cold end to winter, we’re all ready for some much needed spring sunshine. In this issue of knowlEDGE magazine, w…

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How Rugby Could Help You Plan Your Financial Future

England rugby star and former British Lion, Will Greenwood MBE, discusses how applying small changes now can have a big impact further down the line. You may think it sounds odd that a sporting hero is giving out financial advice, but England rugby s…

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The Power of Pocket Money

Kids are getting close to £10 a week in pocket money these days – although some have to earn theirs through various jobs and chores. The average weekly amount is £9.70, which can be simply pocket money, made up through an allowance or earned. The ann…

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How Much Does Long-Term Care Cost?

In later life, many of us will probably need long-term care in one form or another. It is a good idea to think ahead about your likely care requirements, so you know in advance what kinds of care are available, what these might cost, and whether you…

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Don’t Suffer a Pension Hangover

You can now draw out your whole pension pot in one go – at least in theory. But, like drinking a whole bottle of champagne, what might sound fun can end up being a headache. If you don’t want a tax-induced hangover, it pays to know your limits. A pensio…

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Become Financially ‘Lucky’

Is luck something you can catch or is it something you can cultivate? And what about when it comes to your finances? Can you make yourself financially ‘lucky’? Luck. It seems a silly idea to take seriously. When it comes to our finances, can we reall…

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Will My Workplace Pension Be Protected?

The collapse of Carillion has once again drawn attention to the pension schemes of companies that go into administration. Following similar cases at BHS and Tata Steel, members of the Carillion scheme will need to be moved into the Pension Protection…

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Quick Ways to Detox Your Finances This January

By now, we’re betting you’re sick of the sight of tinsel, the smell of turkey and you’re regretting those eight mince pies you scoffed during the Queen’s Speech. The health industry knows you’re feeling over-indulged right now so push lots of regimes…

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More Ways Star Wars Can Teach Us About Money

Last year we shared four money lessons we can take from the original Star Wars movies. With the latest addition to the franchise, The Last Jedi in cinemas, we thought it was time to see what lessons can be found from the likes of Poe, Finn, Rey and K…

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KnowlEDGE Digital Magazine – Winter 2017

We’ve just published our exclusive quarterly digital magazine for Winter 2017. You can read and download your copy for free. Another year is almost complete, Christmas is round the corner and the days are dark and cold…

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