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Investment Services Charges

We will help you grow your wealth with a tailored investment strategy that will achieve your long-term goals. Invest with confidence with NorthStar – expert investment management that is proven to deliver great results.

Investment Services Charges

At NorthStar, we have a commitment to providing clear and simple charges for all our services.  When you invest with us, you will always know how much you will be charged and can be confident that you will be paying some of the most competitive rates around.

Starting an Investment 

To provide a recommendation on starting an investment, we charge 2% of the amount to be invested (minimum charge £500). This provides you with information and advice on which investment provider to use and your optimal investment strategy. We can then manage your investments in line with our investment management service.

Investment Review

If you have existing investments, we can provide a full review ‘Investment Review Report’ which provides analysis and advice on whether to switch or consolidate your existing investments. For this we typically charge £250. Should the report recommend that you transfer your investments to a new provider, we charge 2% of the amount to be transferred (minimum charge £500).

ISA Review

If you have existing ISAs, we can provide a full review ‘ISA Review Report’ which provides analysis and advice on whether to switch or consolidate your existing ISA. For this we typically charge £250 (currently free as a special offer). Should the report recommend that you transfer your ISAs to a new provider, we charge 2% of the amount to be transferred (minimum charge £500).

Initial Investment Charges

If you want upfront independent advice on how much to invest and how to invest it, we charge 2% of the amount you invest (minimum charge £500). For this, we conduct a full risk profiling assessment and advise you on the most appropriate investment strategy for your money. This may be one of the NorthStar portfolios or another type of investment that we deem most likely to achieve your goals. We can help with the best ways to fund a new investment, whether to phase any lump sums and how much to invest regularly. We provide a full report explaining all our recommendations and handle all the paperwork and administration to make investing a breeze. We’re on hand to answer any of your investment questions or explain anything you don’t understand.

If you don’t need any initial independent advice, we don’t charge you anything upfront. Simply tell us which NorthStar portfolio you want to invest in and how much you want to invest. We do all the paperwork and administration and set up your investments for you.

If we advise you make any ongoing contributions to your investments, we charge 2% of each contribution to facilitate these payments. We don’t make a charge where you directly make ongoing investment contributions without seeking advice.

Annual Investment Charges

For all investments in the NorthStar portfolio range, we charge 0.8% per annum to manage your money. For this you get a full investment management service, investment reviews every 6 months, regular rebalancing of your investments, periodic re-risk profiling assessments and access to view and monitor your investments through the client portal.

Where we deem it in your best interests to keep your existing investment portfolio or we recommend a bespoke portfolio outside of the NorthStar Portfolio range, we charge 1% per annum to manage your money. For this, we provide a bespoke annual investment report showing your performance and investment recommendations along with periodic re-risk profiling assessments.

Where we recommend you invest in a simple investment product with a limited fund range we charge 0.5% per annum to manage your money. For this we provide an annual suitability check (to ensure your investment remains right for you) and valuation statement plus periodic re-risk profiling assessments.

Dynamic Cash Management 

For our Dynamic Cash Management service, we charge 0.25% per annum to manage your money (minimum £350 per annum). For this you get a full cash management service, earning the highest possible interest at all times. You can also monitor your cash deposits via the client portal 24/7 from any device.

The Dynamic Cash Management service is typically suitable for those with at least £50,000 available to deposit.

Other Investment Services

For any other investment services, we will quote a price on enquiry. We are always clear on what you will pay for our services before you commence.

Typically we take all charges directly from your investments, but you can pay us directly for our investment services should you wish.

NorthStar clients get more but pay less

Our clients enjoy better returns, better advice and a better level of service.
We deliver all this at a lower price than many of our competitors.
Find out more about our commitment to drive down charges and how we’re going about it.

Complete Flexibility 

Remember that you can start or stop our investment management services at any time. We never tie you into any form of contract with us – we just take a charge from your investments month-to-month for as long as you need our investment management services. Don’t worry if you are unsure which plan would suit you best. You can discuss your requirements during your introductory phone call where a NorthStar financial planner can help you work out which investment service option is right for you. 

Find out More About Our Other Charges 

Our commitment to clear, fair and transparent charges means you will always know how much you will pay before agreeing to any of our services. Find out more about our charges for other services: 

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The value of investments and the income from them can fluctuate and investors may not get back the full amount invested. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Please contact us for more information on our range of investment portfolios.

Our commitment on charges

At NorthStar, we’re committed to providing clear and simple charges for all our services.
We believe in total transparency so you’ll always know what you will pay.
No hidden charges, no additional fees, no nasty surprises – that’s a promise.

Relax, your investments are all in hand

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