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Dynamic Cash Management

Ensure your cash deposits are safe and secure and earn the best possible rates of interest. Our Dynamic Cash Management service is a complete solution to effectively manage your cash.

Make the Most of Your Cash

We firmly believe that everyone should keep a proportion of their wealth in cash. Although cash has historically provided lower returns than many investments, it offers near total security and the ready access that many people need.

There are many different types of cash accounts from instant access to savings accounts to longer term deposit accounts. There are a wide range of rates and specifications for each account, making the process of deciding which accounts to use a tricky and time consuming process. Banking and savings institutions regularly change their rates and new cash accounts are coming on to the market all the time.

Many people are reluctant to take the time to manage their cash as they find the process complex and may believe that the difference between the best and worst accounts is minimal. On the contrary, we have found that those (especially with significant sums held in cash) can earn significantly higher interest when their cash is actively managed and the best accounts are used.

The Benefits of Dynamic Cash Management

Our Dynamic Cash Management service is designed to be a complete solution to manage your cash. In essence there are five primary objectives of this service:


Ensure your cash earns consistently competitive rates of interest


Save you time and effort managing your cash


Provide you with ongoing information and reporting on the position of your cash deposits


Ensure your cash is safe and secure at all times


Provide peace of mind knowing that your cash is working as hard as possible

Finding the Safest Home for Your Money

We only recommend your money is placed with UK institutions that are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

We typically recommend that your money is spread between different institutions to make more use of FSCS protection limits.

We analyse and monitor the competitiveness, financial strength and administrative performance of the leading banks and building societies in the UK and only recommend organisations offering the most appropriate combinations of interest rates, security and efficiency.

Your money is always saved in your name – we only provide information, recommendations and ongoing monitoring services.


How the Dynamic Cash Management Service Works

We have a proven methodology to ensure your cash is managed efficiently and it works hard to earn the highest levels of interest:


We take time to understand when you need access to your cash, your attitude to risk and the amount you want to hold in cash


After agreeing our recommendations, we take care of all the administration, switching your accounts as necessary


We provide an annual cash management report to so you can see the performance of each of your cash deposits


We assess all available accounts and provide a set of recommendations that best meet your objectives


We add all your accounts to the client portal so you can keep track of your cash deposits 24/7


We make annual recommendations to ensure your cash remains in the best possible accounts at all times

Stay in Control of Your Money

Our Dynamic Cash Management services keeps you in total control of your money – your savings never leave your hands or your control. We simply provide the information and the completed documentation to allow you to access the best cash accounts available within the UK.

Using our client portal makes the management of your cash very simple and straightforward. All of the difficulties associated with finding the best rates, understanding which savings providers have FSCS protection and completing the various applications is removed.

Your cash deserves the best

Our Dynamic Cash Management service ensures your cash deposits are safe, secure and earning the highest possible rates of interest.

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If you have further questions about our Dynamic Cash Management services, please see our FAQ.

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