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Achieve Your Goals with Financial Planning

Financial planning is all about you. We help you clarify your life goals and put plans in place to achieve them. Whatever you want to accomplish in life, a comprehensive financial plan will help you get there.

Holistic Financial Planning

Financial planning sits at the very heart of everything we do at NorthStar. Although some of our clients choose to use our other services in isolation, we believe that great financial planning can enhance all of our other services and is the most powerful service we provide. While other financial services can improve investment returns, lower charges, put insurance in place or set up a pension, financial planning is far more fundamental than this.

In essence, financial planning is about you. It’s not about financial products or selling you a new investment.

The first step in our financial planning process is to really get to know you. We need to genuinely understand your life, your goals and aspirations and where you want to get to. We then look at your current financial position and start working out how you can best achieve everything you want from life.

We employ many powerful tool to help us. At the heart of our financial planning services is what is known as ‘Financial Forecasting’. This tool allows us to project forward your financial position, modelling your life events and running a number of ‘disaster scenarios’. This allows us to project with some degree of certainty, how much money you will have throughout your life and what kind of lifestyle this could provide you.

As your life goes by and your priorities and dreams change, we regularly update your model to see how these changes affect your projections. This can provide you with great certainty and a sense of real control over your finances like never before.

The power of this type of analysis means that we can sometimes tell some clients they can afford to retire today and still enjoy the retirement they have always dreamed of – not wait another several years as they had originally planned. For other clients, we can show the trade-off needed to be made now to enjoy the lifestyle the want later in life. Whatever your circumstances, a financial plan can be illuminating.

One of the most important aspects of financial planning is instilling financial discipline. By meeting with your financial planner and reviewing and updating your financial plan regularly, you will always stay on track to achieve your goals. Much like a personal trainer keeps you fit, regularly reviewing your finances with a financial planner will keep you in great financial shape.

Once your broad financial plan is in place, your financial planner can focus on key areas that require attention. At different times of your life this may include retirement planning, tax planning, investment planning, older age planning, financial protection, estate planning or anything else (see the full list of services below) you require.

In each of these areas, your financial plan will show you exactly what needs to be done to achieve your goals.

You financial planner will be on hand any time you need input or advice on any aspect of your finances and will go through a full review process with you on a regular basis.

As you can see, holistic financial planning covers all the bases and will truly provide you with a complete financial picture as well as a route map to achieve your financial and life goals.

Did you know… people who use a financial planner are more likely to achieve their goals and feel more confident about their money

A recent survey found that people who use a financial planner are far more confident when it comes to their money. 52% of survey respondents that used a financial planner said they felt “very confident” about managing their money compared to just 30% who felt this way without using a planner. Amongst those who employ a financial planner, almost half (48%) of those surveyed said they were “living comfortably” against just 22% who said they were “living comfortably” without using a planner. Under a third (32%) of those without a financial planner said they were on track to meet their financial goals against 50% of people who use a planner. 

Source: ‘Household Financial Planning Survey’ by the CFP Board in association with Princeton Survey Research Associates International – May 2012 . Survey of 1,508 US financial decision makers.

Some of the Questions We Can Help Address

We can help answer any questions you may have in relation to holistic financial planning. Questions such as:

What is my current net worth?

Will I have enough money to achieve all my life goals?

Will I ever run out of money?

Am I investing enough to achieve my dreams?

How will my finances change once I retire?

Do I have enough financial protection in place should the worst happen?

Which of my investments should I use to fund my spending?

Should I have a detailed financial budget?

How can I understand and better organise my financial affairs?

When can I afford to retire?

Can I organise my finances so that I pay less tax?

How do I plan for my old age?

How can I reduce the time I spend working and enjoy my life more?

How can I set up a charitable foundation?

What is Covered in Our Financial Planning Service?

Our financial planning service is designed to cover all of your financial needs. We provide a plan that covers your complete financial situation and highlights the essential steps required to achieve your goals. A financial plan will usually cover several of the following areas:

Goal Planning

At its heart, financial planning is about helping you achieve your goals. It is important to come up with specific, measurable, achievable, timed goals. By defining your goals, we can track your progress and ensure you get what you want from life.

Financial Forecasting

Financial forecasting is a powerful way to show you a complete picture of your projected lifetime wealth. Using a series of assumptions, forecast models can be produced showing your future wealth given a number of different scenarios. This allows a skilled financial planner to put steps in place to ensure you can always live the lifestyle you want.

Disaster Planning

It is important to plan for the worst and work how you would cope in a ‘disaster scenario’. We model a number of different events and assess the impact these could have on your financial situation. These include situations where you die, are taken seriously ill or lose your job. We can also model external events such as a financial market crash. This can show the risks you may be exposed to and means we can take action to help minimise these risks or mitigate them altogether.

Financial Organisation & Budgeting

Before any financial plan can be fully instigated, it is imperative to be financially well organised. This means being on top of all paperwork and really understanding your complete financial position. Budgeting is about monitoring your income and outgoings and managing these to ensure your finances stay in a healthy state. An effective budget sits at the heart of every financial plan.

Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is a reserve of money that you can get immediate access to. It is usually important to have an emergency fund in case something unexpected happens. We help you monitor the emergency fund you require and ensure it is adequate at all times andavailable to you should you ever need it.

Financial Protection

Life is full of risks but with careful planning, many of the financial risks you may face can be eliminated through insurance. This is crucial to ensure you can maintain your lifestyle and protect your family whatever the future may hold. Whether this is protection should you lose your job, become ill, die or any other financial risk, we can help you eliminate it.

Tax Planning

Effective tax planning is all about legally minimising the tax you pay. This may be through tax-efficient investing, managing your capital gains tax position and thinking through how to manage any potential future inheritance tax liabilities.

Saving & Investment Planning

An savings and investment plan involves assessing your investment risk tolerance, determining an optimal investment and saving strategy, deciding how much to invest and save and looking at the best products to invest as tax-efficiently as possible. A great savings and investment plan will provide a measurable target and be reviewed regularly to ensure you remain to track to achieve it.

Property Planning

Property often plays a central role in many people’s finances. Whether as a home owner, tenant or landlord, property can be pivotal to determining your lifestyle. It is important to create a long-term property plan to ensure you make the best decisions and achieve your aims. We can help plan your property needs including advice on mortgages and re-mortgaging, investing in buy-to-let or renting a room. Whatever your property planning needs, we will help you formulate a winning strategy to help you live the lifestyle you want.

Retirement Planning

Putting a plan in place for your retirement means thinking through when you may retire and what kind of lifestyle you want and how this can be funded. This may involve calculations of how much to invest in pensions or other savings vehicles, consolidating and managing your existing pension plans, state pension assessments and other strategies to help you live the life you want in retirement.

Debt Management

Most people have debts of some sort. This may include student loans, credit card debt, secured or unsecured loans or a mortgage. Debt can be a really useful tool to help you achieve your goals and structure your finances effectively. However, the management of debts is crucial to overall financial well-being and can be the undoing of some who let their debts get out of control. By regularly re-assessing your debts you will ensure you stay on top of your obligations and never pay more in interest than is absolutely necessary.

Older Age & Estate Planning

Effective estate planning can help you lower the inheritance tax payable on your estate when you die and ensure that your estate is passed on in the way you wish. This may including gifting, trust or pension planning to ensure your estate is in the most tax-advantaged position possible. A plan for your older age means thinking about how to fund your long term care, how to manage your inheritance tax liability and thinking about preparing and updating your will.

Family Financial Planning

We know that family sits at the heart of what most people do. We work hard so our families can enjoy the fruits of our labour. At NorthStar we absolutely understand this. A large part of your planning will directly include your family. Some items, such as funding university or getting your children on the property ladder can be planned for. Other items are harder to foresee, such as financially supporting elderly parents if necessary. We will help you put the plans in place to support those that mean the most to you.

Our financial planning service is designed to cover all of your financial needs. We provide what a comprehensive Financial Plan that covers your complete financial situation and highlights the essential steps required to achieve your goals. You can take a look at an example Financial Plan  to see exactly what is covered. 

A financial plan will highlight the actions required but will not provide specific product recommendations. You may want to use our other services in combination with financial planning. These are investment, protection, retirement, propertyolder age, business and philanthropy services.

We help you see the wood for the trees

Sometimes the world of finance can be confusing. We can help you take stock, assess your situation and provide clarity on the bigger picture.

The Key Benefits

Our financial planning services will help you clarify your goals, manage your money and achieve your dreams. Here are just a few of the main benefits you will enjoy:


Better understand your finances and the options available to you


Enjoy regular financial consultations so you stay on top on your money at all times


Know everything is organised to pass on your estate exactly as you wish


Never worry about your money ever again


Know you will enjoy a great retirement when the time comes


Have a disciplined, educated approach to managing your financial affairs.


Know that you will have no financial worries in you old age


Minimise your tax bills, both now and in the future


Have a complete financial plan putting you fully in control of your finances


See what money you will have at every stage of your life


Know what investment returns you need to archive your goals


Reduce or eliminate all financial risks in your life


Be financially well organised and have reduced paperwork


Know you're finances can withstand anything life throws at you


Sleep easy knowing you will never run out of money


Achieve your life goals, dreams and ambitions

“ A goal without a plan is just a wish, a hope likely to fail and impossible to attain.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Awards, Accreditations & Trade Associations

At NorthStar, we are committed to delivering the best service to our clients and working to the very highest professional standards. Our work has been rewarded with a number of awards and professional accreditations. We are also members of the leading financial services professional trade associations.

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