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Case Studies

Find out how NorthStar have helped people in many different situations achieve their own financial and life goals.

Case Study 1: John’s Story

John came to us for some help with his investments.  Having saved and invested over many years, John had a number of holdings ranging from company shares to cash in bank accounts.  Although he had assets, John felt he had no real plan for what he was trying to achieve.

The Challenges

  • Help John set out his goals – what was he investing and saving this money for? Why was that important to him?  How would he feel if he didn’t achieve these goals?
  • Establish the exact position. How is the money invested? Where is the money invested.
  • Work out an agreed attitude to risk.
  • Work out how John would be affected if his investments fell in value.
  • Create an investment strategy capable of maximising returns within John’s attitude to risk.

What We Did

  • Discussed John’s goals to establish why he was investing and why this was important to him.  In John’s case, there were two main goals: get the children through university with no debt and for he and Sally to retire at his age 65.
  • Discussed risk and used our specialist tools to help establish the suitable risk level.
  • Gathered information on all of John’s investments and savings, providing a full consolidated picture.
  • Prepared a step-by-step plan to achieve John’s goals.
  • Recommended utilising different strategies to hold the investments in the most tax efficient manner.
  • Recommended an investment strategy to fit each of the different goals.
  • Put in place an agreed timetable for reviewing the investments to make sure they stayed on track.

The Results

  • John knows exactly what he is trying to achieve and that he is on target to achieve it. This has taken away a lot of stress.
  • The tax efficient strategies mean it is much more likely the goals will be achieved.
  • John is fully informed about where his money is invested and how it is performing.

Making a real difference

We are proud to have helped our clients achieve so much by working in partnership with them. Whatever your situation and whatever you want to achieve, we can help you get there.

Case Study 2: Brian’s Story

Brian was approaching retirement and approached us to advise on how best to take an income.  He had built up a significant pension fund and wanted to make sure he made the right decisions.

The Challenges

  • Help Brian clarify what he wants to do in retirement. How much income and capital is required to achieve this?  When will it be needed? What sources of income and capital are available.
  • Balance short-term goals with long-term needs.
  • Establish an agreed attitude to risk for assets that are to remain invested.

What We Did

  • Discussed Brian’s goals for his retirement and put an income and capital requirement against these in a forward looking plan.
  • Identified all potential sources of income and capital. This included both pension and non-pension assets.
  • Planned income over the next year utilising available allowances to make sure income tax was minimised.
  • Put in place an investment strategy to meet income requirements moving forward.
  • Put in place an agreed timetable for reviewing the investments to make sure they stayed on track.

The Results

  • Brian knew he could afford the retirement he wanted.
  • Brian paid less income tax than he thought he would have to.
  • Funds were invested to target the necessary return for Brian during his retirement.
  • Brian is fully informed about where his money is invested and how it is performing.

With you whichever road your life takes

We’re here to help you get where you want to go. Wherever you want your life to take you, we can help you get there with a great financial plan.

Case Study 3: Alice’s Story

Alice and her husband Michael had just bought a new home.  They had two young children and Michael was not working.  As the only breadwinner Alice knew the family were dependent upon her and was worried what would happen to them if she lost her job or was to die suddenly.  She contacted us to talk through her concerns and her options.

The Challenges

  • Establish what the financial impact on the family would be if Alice lost her job. How would this impact current and future plans?
  • Establish what the financial impact would be if Alice became ill or died suddenly.
  • Prioritise needs to make sure Alice’s objectives were best met.
  • Alice’s limited budget.

What We Did

  • Projected the family’s income and expenditure based on their current circumstances.
  • Modelled the impact on the family cashflow of Alice dying, becoming seriously ill or losing her job.
  • Identified how much protection cover would be required in each scenario and how this could be best sourced.
  • Recommended different amounts of cover based on Alice’s priorities, keeping within her budget.
  • Put in place a future review to make sure cover amounts remained appropriate.

The Results

  • Alice’s family are protected should the worst happen.
  • Alice is happy as she knows her family will not lose their home if she were to die or suffer serious illness.
  • Alice knows additional cover can be sought when her budget increases.

To find out more what our clients really think about us, please see our Feedback & Ratings section.

NB. In order to protect client confidentiality, the names and pictures used in these case studies are fictional.


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Benjamin Franklin

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