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We’re Proud to Be Listed as One of the UK’s Top Rated Financial Advisers for 2019

26 February 2019

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What is VouchedFor?

VouchedFor is the leading independent reviews and ratings website for accountants, solicitors, financial advisers and mortgage brokers. They currently list over 10,000 professionals, and over 40,000 clients have left a review of the services they have received with the site. VouchedFor is a great place to find high-quality financial advisers and other professionals with fully-verified reviews and ratings for each adviser.


What is the ‘2019 Guide to the UK’s Top Rated Financial Advisers’?

The VouchedFor ‘2019 Guide to the UK’s Top Rated Financial Advisers’ is a directory showcasing the highest rated financial advisers in the UK, according to VouchedFor. Each firm listed has received a high number of positive client reviews since the start of 2018. In total, 1,171 advisers (out of around 26,000 registered financial advisers in the UK) are included in the guide. These top-rated advisers amassed a total of 21,664 client reviews in 2018. As well as being endorsed by at least ten clients, each adviser is a fully verified member of VouchedFor, which means they have been checked against the Financial Conduct Authority Register as well as undergoing checks and ongoing monitoring.

If you missed The Times on Saturday, you can view a digital copy of the VouchedFor’s 2019 Guide to the UK’s Top Rated Financial Advisers.


A few words from our clients

Over the past year, we’ve had loads of great reviews from our clients, with an average VouchedFor rating of 4.8 out of 5. Here’s a few examples of the kind words form our clients in the past few months:


“The NorthStar team was very friendly and professional throughout the whole process.”

“James was great, he totally understood what I wanted to achieve and very carefully explained all my options…”

“I feel that James really helped to take the boredom out of financial advice & I haven’t any suggestions as to how he could have done better.”

“James was brilliant.”

“James and the NorthStar team are very knowledgeable and give ongoing sound advice.”


It’s great to hear such positive comments from our clients. We take time to review all the feedback we receive and use this to help shape our processes and refine our services to ensure we continue to deliver the high standards we promise our clients.


Leave your review

If you are a NorthStar client, you can leave your review of us with VouchedFor at any time. You can leave us an updated review each year if you so choose, allowing those looking for advice to see if we are maintaining our high standards and ensuring the most-up-date feedback on our services is available

So if you haven’t yet left a review of our services or did so over a year ago, please consider leaving us a review on VouchedFor now – it will only take a couple of minutes.


A big thank you to our clients

We want to take this opportunity to again thank all of our clients that have left their reviews of our services with VouchedFor. This really is important to us and allows us to continually refine and improve what we do. Independent ratings sites like VouchedFor are a real benefit to those looking for high-quality financial advice, allowing them to make an informed choice by reading verified reviews of the services offered by different advisers.

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