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More Ways Star Wars Can Teach Us About Money

2 January 2018

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Last year we shared four money lessons we can take from the original Star Wars movies. With the latest addition to the franchise, The Last Jedi in cinemas, we thought it was time to see what lessons can be found from the likes of Poe, Finn, Rey and Kylo Ren.


1. One man’s junk is another woman’s income

When we first meet Rey in The Force Awakens, she’s on the planet Jakku, scavenging amongst the wreckage of Imperial Starfighters for scrap parts. But this isn’t for some ill-thought through art project. No, everything she finds (apart from BB-8) she sells for credit, which she uses to buy food – or at least something that looks like food.

And you can do the same. We’re not saying dive through your neighbour’s bins to see what you can salvage. But do look around your home. You’ll no doubt find something you think is rubbish but someone else will happily give you some cash for! People will buy anything from cardboard toilet roll tubes to old mobile phones.


2. You can always change your career

Ever felt like you’re trapped in a job that isn’t for you? Well, being a Stormtrooper wasn’t cutting it for FN-2187, aka Finn, so he took the brave decision to quit. But as much as I’m sure he’d have liked to slap a resignation letter on Captain Phasma’s desk and walk out high-fiving other disgruntled employees, that just wasn’t practical. No, Finn needed a plan – in this case breaking Resistance pilot Poe Dameron out of jail and then stealing a Tie Fighter to escape.

And if you want to move on, it’s worth you having a plan too. Ideally, try to find another job to move on to. But if the situation is such that you know you need to get out, it helps to build up as much in savings as you can beforehand.


3. Adding to your crew has benefits

When Han Solo meets Rey he quickly sees the potential of recruiting her to his crew on the Millennium Falcon.

Now, your Ford Focus might not need a co-pilot. And it probably hasn’t had a compressor installed on the hyperdrive. But, if you add named drivers to your insurance, you might find the annual premium is reduced. Of course, these need to be low-risk drivers, so don’t add on anyone with points on their license or prone to accidents (in the Star Wars world that probably means anyone destined to attack some kind of planet-destroying space station).


4. Inheritance can get messy

Kylo Ren gets pretty angry when he sees Finn holding a lightsaber which he claims is his. Now, seeing as it once belonged to not just his Uncle Luke, but also his big bad granddaddy Darth Vader, he might have a point. But without a will, who’s to say?

And even though he’s estranged from parents Leia and Han, will he be challenging the seeming bequeath of the Millennium Falcon to Rey (surely it should have gone to Chewie?)?

If you want to avoid family fall-outs when you die, you really should get in writing what you want to happen to your money and belongings. Without one, your wishes might not be respected. It’s even more important if you are cohabiting but not married or in a civil partnership, as your partner’s rights are greatly reduced.


If you would like to talk about any of the issues in this article or need more general help with your finances, please get in touch with us.

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