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How Rugby Could Help You Plan Your Financial Future

6 March 2018

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England rugby star and former British Lion, Will Greenwood MBE, discusses how applying small changes now can have a big impact further down the line.

You may think it sounds odd that a sporting hero is giving out financial advice, but England rugby star Will Greenwood has some worthwhile guidance when it comes to planning your future.

Speaking at the Institute of Financial Planning Week, Greenwood spoke of how successful techniques used by professional sportspeople can be applied to everyday life and particular, financial planning.

He explained how both his financial adviser and his former England coach Clive Woodward’s training regime have both given him a good foundation for his finances.

He explained that part of this training was understanding that you don’t achieve success through apathy and that breaking down goals into manageable chunks is the first step to achieving your goals. Be that on the pitch or with your money.

He said that by changing your mindset you can achieve big results.

Having a goal in mind, be it the Rugby World Cup or buying your dream house can be incredibly motivational. Do you imagine yourself saving up for a house or jetting off in your retirement? Then you need to put the building blocks in place now.

“Financial planning is peace of mind,” says Greenwood. “Make sure your whole family understands the value of the pound.”

Greenwood has this advice:

  • You can’t keep doing the same things and expect to get different results
  • Small, incremental changes have a big impact
  • Huge long-term gains come from small immediate changes
  • Try working out a proper budget
  • Get into the habit of spending less than you earn
  • Think about what you want in life and plan ahead to achieve these goals

He also credited his financial planner with encouraging him to save early, but said he appreciated that people are nervous about where to begin. He did have this final piece of advice: “Don’t look back like Homer Simpson and think: ‘d’oh!”

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