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 Your Optimal Portfolio: NorthStar Balanced Income Portfolio

(Please Note: This is a simplified risk assessment and is no substitute for an in-depth appraisal carried out by a NorthStar financial planner. A comprehensive risk assessment will take into account your investment objectives, current situation, investment experience and capacity for loss in addition to your attitude to risk assessed here.  Please contact us if you would like a comprehensive risk assessment or to learn more about our assessment process.)

 About the NorthStar Balanced Income Portfolio

The NorthStar Balanced Income Portfolio is suitable for investors who are seeking a balance between income and security. The portfolio is constructed using a broad range of income-producing assets including equities, fixed interest, property and cash. This diversification will help investors to be somewhat insulated from the worst short-term market fluctuations. Equity content will usually be around 60% meaning the downside risk of the portfolio may be higher than a number of alternative portfolios in the NorthStar range.

Due to the nature of underlying holdings, investment in this portfolio should be seen as a long-term strategy. Risk aspects include inflation risk, capital risk, shortfall risk, and exchange rate risk. The portfolio targets a yield in excess of 3% plus capital growth in excess of 2-3% per annum over a rolling 5-year period and is benchmarked against the IA Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares sector average. Values may fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the amount originally invested.

Get lots more information on the NorthStar Balanced Income Portfolio.

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    Get lots more information on the NorthStar Balanced Income Portfolio


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    Disclaimer: The Personal Portfolio Builder is designed to provide a basic risk assessment only and does not constitute advice or a recommendation. A full analysis should be undertaken before any investment is made. This would include looking at additional factors such as your ‘capacity for loss’ and wider personal considerations. Information provided to you is used at your own risk. Neither NorthStar nor Morningstar are responsible for any damages or losses arising from any use of this information. This information must not be relied upon without appropriate verification. The value and income derived from investments can go down as well as up. If you wish to obtain advice and a more thorough risk assessment, please contact us

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