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Personal Portfolio Builder

Answer a few simple questions to discover your perfect investment portfolio.

About the Personal Portfolio Builder

We have devised the Personal Portfolio Builder in conjunction with Morningstar to help you find out the best way to invest your money.

Most investments carry risk. Generally, the more risk you can accept with an investment, the greater the long-term growth you could achieve. Some people are more accepting of investment risks and have longer periods in which to ride out any up and downs in returns. Others are more concerned when their investments fluctuate in value. This is why every investor needs to have a portfolio of investments that is right for them – one that has just the right amount of risk to achieve the best long-term returns without too much to make the investor feel uncomfortable.

Once an optimal risk level is calculated, the investment experts at NorthStar devise a number of optimised investment portfolios which should provide excellent long-term results for each level of risk. Each portfolio is broadly diversified between different investment types and continually reviewed. You can read more about the NorthStar investment philosophy and our investment portfolios.

It is important that you answer each question as honestly as possible and select the answer that best represents how you feel on each particular topic. The Personal Portfolio Builder consists of 12 simple multiple choice questions and should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Personal Portfolio Builder

Personal Portfolio Builder
Q1: In an effort to grow your wealth, can you afford to lose any money over the next two years?
Q1 *
Q2: When do you expect to start withdrawing money from your investment?
Q2 *
Q3: Once you begin withdrawing money from your investment, how long do you expect to continue withdrawing funds?
Q3 *
Q4: Which of these portfolios would you prefer to hold?


Q4 *
Q5: Which portfolio would you prefer to hold?


Q5 *
Q6: You have made an investment and its value falls by 20%. Assuming you still have 10 years until you begin withdrawals, how would you react?
Q6 *
Q7: For many investors, the possibility of losing money is a main concern. How do you feel about investment losses?
Q7 *
Q8: Choose the answer that best describes your response to the following statement: "I am comfortable with investments that may frequently experience large losses in value if there is a potential for higher returns." Does this describe you?
Q8 *
Q9: Most investments fluctuate year-to-year. Suppose you had invested in a portfolio with the intention of holding it for ten years. If this investment lost value during the first year, after what fall would you consider moving to a lower-risk portfolio?
Q9 *
Q10: Investing involves a trade-off between risk and returns. Historically, investments with higher returns have been associated with greater risk and chance for loss. Alternatively, cautious investments that have had a lower chance for loss, also have yielded lower returns. Based on this description of investments characteristics, which of the following statements best describes your attitude to risk?
Q10 *
Q11: Over a longer period, risky investments usually generate greater wealth than less risky investments do. Which of these portfolios do you prefer?


Q11 *
Q12: Would you like to invest 'ethically'? This will limit your investments to companies and projects that seek to promote environmental, ethical, sustainable and socially responsible causes and exclude companies that promote or produce tobacco, fossil fuels, arms, gambling, animal testing and similar activities.
Q12 *

All portfolios and portfolio performance figures in the Personal Portfolio Builder are shown as examples only. They do not constitute offers of performance that will be repeated in the future. The value of investments and the income from them can fluctuate and investors may not get back the full amount invested. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Please contact us for more information on our range of portfolios.

Awards, Accreditations & Trade Associations

At NorthStar, we are committed to delivering the best service to our clients and working to the very highest professional standards. Our work has been rewarded with a number of awards and professional accreditations. We are also members of the leading financial services professional trade associations.

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We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

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We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi