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Technology FAQ

Have questions? We have the answers. Frequently asked questions about our technology.

Technology FAQ

Which companies do you use to provide your technology?

At NorthStar, we have a commitment to technology. We understand that effective technology sits at the heart of all modern businesses and we have therefore spend a lot of time and effort to source the very best companies to parter with. From hardware to software to infrastructure, we utilise some of the best known companies that are leaders in their fields. We recognise that the web is the future for many software technologies and we look to use cloud-based solutions wherever possible. Our commitment to harnessing the very latest technology is never-ending and we are always looking at new, innovative systems to help improve the service we can provide to all NorthStar clients.

How do I log in to the client portal to see my investments?

You can log in to the client portal via the web or via a mobile device by downloading the relevant app. This will take you to a secure site/app via True Potential who provide our client access systems. Please contact us if you have any difficulties logging in or need any further help with the client portal.

How do I see my investments on my mobile device?

To access you complete financial position via the client portal from a mobile device, people install the relevant True Potential app. Once installed, please follow the onscreen instructions. Please contact us if you have any difficulties logging in or need any further help with the client portal app.

Who are True Potential and why do you use them?

True Potential are an award winning financial services company who provide cutting-edge systems for financial planners to use. After exhaustive and ongoing research, we chose to partner with True Potential because they offer the very best technology for our clients. We use this technology to provide our primary investment platform, our client portal and a number of our internal systems. You can read more about the awards received by True Potential for the quality of their services .

Are my personal and financial details secure on the client portal?

Yes. The client portal we use via True Potential has the highest level of security currently available. As soon you login through the client portal you are protected with 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) – the same level of encryption which protects most online banking systems.

Can you answer another question that isn't listed here?

Certainly. First, you might want to check out the other FAQ pages to see if your question has been answered already. If not, please contact us or use the ‘live chat’ at the bottom right of every page. We’d love to answer any questions you have about NorthStar and how we can help you achieve your financial goals.

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