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Professional Connections

At NorthStar, we realise the importance of working alongside high quality professional organisations that can complement the work we do. We understand the value this can bring to our mutual clients.

Working With Professional Partners

At NorthStar, we work with a number of professional partners to help deliver additional specialist services to our clients. We are keen to work with companies that have a commitment to providing exceptional levels of service and have a reputation for high-quality work in their specialist fields.

Equally, if you are an accountant, recruitment specialist, solicitor or other professional firm, we can help you to provide the best possible service to any of your clients who need high-quality financial planning or wealth management advice.

As well as the various statutory and self-regulatory provisions that require professionals to refer their clients to qualified, independent experts for investment advice, we know that you, like us, may have another, stronger driver: the desire to make sure that your relationship with your clients delivers the best outcome for them.

As a firm of highly qualified Chartered Financial Planners you can be confident that NorthStar have the same commitment to client care, ethics and excellence that you do. We want to keep advising any clients that you refer to us for decades to come – and they will only stay with us if they are delighted with the service we provide.

Furthermore, because our service is based on gaining a comprehensive ongoing understanding of the client’s circumstances and financial affairs, we will almost invariably need to refer them back to you for further work both in the long and short-term.

Mortgage Brokers

For many people, buying a home or rental property is one of the biggest financial decisions they ever make. We partner with leading mortgage brokers who offer a high-quality service to help their clients source the very best mortgage deals available.

For many people, taking on a mortgage is also a catalyst for considering a wider financial review. We can help by providing a comprehensive financial plan to give clarity over the future and confidence that key financial decisions are in hand. We also research and recommended the very best financial products to help people make the most of their pensions and investments over the long-term. We provide all clients with a comprehensive risk assessment and ongoing investment reviews to ensure their money works as hard as they do.



We understand that many business people see their accountant as their most trusted advisers when it comes to money matters. However, when they require help that involves specific financial products or the management of their investments, accountants are in most cases bound by regulation to refer clients to a qualified independent financial planner. Your business also benefits from making such referrals, as we do what we are best at while you are able to concentrate on the areas where you can add the greatest value for your clients.

Our advice to your clients will involve a thorough appraisal of their financial affairs. In many cases this will highlight areas where you may be able to carry out further work for them.

We work with clients who are looking for high-quality accountancy services including:

  • Statutory accounts
  • Management accounts
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • VAT advice
  • Self assessment
  • Cash flow management


Recruitment Specialists

We find that there are certain life events that act as a catalyst for people to seek independent financial advice; these being marriage, the birth of a child, divorce, retirement, house purchases and a change of employment situation. When people change jobs, this can often be a great time to seek professional independent financial advice. A new role can often mean a change of income and may also mean a change to pension entitlement, life insurance provision and the need to re-assess household finances in aggregate.

Typically, many people who start a new role will be keen to have a review of their current pension situation, life insurance, income protection, an investment review and often a full financial plan. It is important when changing jobs for people to feel financially secure and know that their finances are in good shape.

At NorthStar, we can help ease the transition into a new job with a full financial review or with expert input on specific areas of need. We work with a number of people moving to both employed positions and those working as contractors to ensure their finances are sound and they have a long-term plan in place.

We work closely with recruitment specialists, helping ensure clients can make the transition to their role as smoothly as possible without any financial worries.


We can help solicitors fulfil their regulatory and professional duty of care to clients by providing specialist, independent financial and investment advice of the highest quality. We have extensive experience working with legal professionals in a range of disciplines, including family (financial planning surrounding divorce, implementing pension sharing orders etc), private client and wills and trusts.

Our work with your clients will, in many cases, result in or uncover further legal work that can be done. We work with clients who are looking for high-quality legal services including:

  • Trusts
  • Trustee support
  • Company legal support
  • Wills
  • Succession planning
  • Commercial property purchase
  • Conveyancing


Insurance Specialists

We understand that insurance specialists are experts at what they do. Understanding the protection requirements of individuals and businesses requires key skills as well as a sound understanding of client requirements and the options available to them.

There may be times when clients require additional financial help in conjunction with their insurance needs. This may include help with their pensions, investments or broader financial planning, for example.

At NorthStar, we work with insurance specialists to provide complementary services, ensuring the financial affairs of our mutual clients are in the best possible shape both now and in the future.

We understand that many people seek insurance when their life circumstances change – whether getting married, buying a house, having a child or other major life events. These are also the times in life when a Chartered Financial Planner can be of the most benefit, helping clients take stock of their financial position and a putting effective financial plan in place.

Find Out More

We understand that before any professional firm chooses to work with us, they must ensure we have the appropriate credentials, live up to our billing and have many satisfied clients. We have created a ‘Due Diligence’ report for firms wanting to know more about NorthStar. This document covers all of the key aspects about our company, the services we offer and the benefits of working in partnership with us. If there is anything else you require information on, please contact us using the form below.

Due Diligence Report for Profession Conections thumbnail

Due Diligence Report for Professional Connections

Document Format: PDF
Total Pages: 19
File Size: 6.6 MB
Revision: May 2021

Contact Us

Contact Us

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To contact the NorthStar team regarding a professional connection enquiry, please use the form on this page. Alternatively, please email us using info@nswm.co.uk. A member of the team will respond within 24 hours to all enquiries.

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Awards, Accreditations & Trade Associations

At NorthStar, we are committed to delivering the best service to our clients and working to the very highest professional standards. Our work has been rewarded with a number of awards and professional accreditations. We are also members of the leading financial services professional trade associations.

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We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

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